North Texas

World Vision began serving the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2004, focusing on west Dallas.

Our programs include Essential Supplies, Building Materials and Teacher Resource Center (including a mobile unit). We also offer training and capacity-building for organizations that tutor or otherwise serve youth.

In 2015, we served more than 630,000 children, youth, and adults in North Texas with our more than 250 partner organizations, more than 1,100 volunteers, and trainings.


Maria Elena Mojica

A different direction, a changed life, a positive future

At the end of her sophomore year of high school in West Dallas, Maria began to struggle with alcohol and drugs. She tried to numb herself from the stress and pain of seeing her older brother in and out of jail.

Maria lived in a community with high rates of violence, drugs, and teen pregnancy. "I didn't care anymore," she recalled. "I had given up."   Read more...