Curriculum Overview

Welcome to the Empowered for Transformation Curriculum!

Successful Youth-Adult Partnerships do not just happen. They require preparation and planning. This toolkit is designed to equip both youth and adults with practical tools for planning, preparing, and implementing youth-adult partnerships. It is geared toward anyone wanting to learn about youth-adult transformation and community development. The toolkit provides training and program resources to help unleash the power of intergenerational partnerships for profound and lasting community change. The content draws upon and reflects the spirit, voices, energy, and results of World Vision staff and partners who have been working together to transform communities in support of children's well-being for more than 60 years now.

What Are Youth-Adult Partnerships?
Why Create Youth-Adult Partnerships?
What is Community Transformation?
What Does the Research Say?
About the Toolkit

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Part A: Tools for Understanding the Fundamentals

We all know how critical it is for a great training to get off to a good start. Good training activities build rapport, increase the participants' comfort level, and set a tone for shared learning. The activities in this section are designed to help do just that.

Here you will find experiential learning activities for building skills and developing trusting relationships that support effective partnerships. Activities provide a foundation for starting the partnership with common expectations; define youth, adult, and youth-adult partnerships; expand the participants’ knowledge base; and deepen their understanding of the core concepts of effective partnerships.

These learning activities are suitable for new and experienced youth-adult partnership participants.

Part B: Tools for Building Partnerships Skills and Attitudes

This portion of the toolkit offers a range of hands-on, fun activities designed to build or strengthen the individual skills and attitudes required for a successful youth-adult partnership. Activities include role-plays to help the participants practice new behaviors and gain confidence. Combined with the learning activities in the previous part, these activities form the building blocks of training programs in youth-adult partnerships.

Part C: Energizers & Team-Building Activities to Support Youth-Adult Partnerships

The following energizers and team-building activities can help strengthen the core team and help the participants get to know one another better. These activities can be readily adapted and combined with other learning activities in the toolkit to reinforce core concepts or skills. The activities can be adapted for use in the community as well.

Part D: Mobilizing Youth-Adult Partnerships for Community Transformation

This part focuses on mobilizing youth-adult partnerships to catalyze community transformation. It provides resources and programmatic activities for implementing a community transformation process. These include activities such as mapping, recruiting, visioning, action planning, logic model development, and evaluation.

These activities require that fundamental trust and an ongoing youth-adult partnership is already in place. The activities will further deepen the capacity of the youth-adult partners to exercise collective leadership, shared decision-making and mutual accountability.

Part E: Trainer Resources