Adult Mission Trips

The Appalachia mission experience is designed for volunteers to participate in ministry in the community. You will:

Group/Family leader training materials will be emailed to your group about four months before your trip.

Dates, Locations and Fees

Date Location Trip Type Fee Per Participant Lodging/Food Service
Spring (Custom Dates) TBD All inclusive TBD TBD
June 11-16 Wallace/Shinnston All Inclusive $350* Jewel City Gem
June 18-23 Fairmont All Inclusive $370* Fairmont State University
June 25-30 Flemington/Brownton All Inclusive $350* Faith Church, Flemington
July 9-14 Philippi/S. Barbour All Inclusive $370* AB University
July 16-21 Grafton All Inclusive $370* AB University
July 23-28 TBD All Inclusive $350* TBD
July 30 - August 4 Central Preston All Inclusive $350* Shepherd's Tent Ministries
Fall (Custom Dates) TBD All Inclusive TBD TBD


* plus applicable group construction fees, see below...

Custom dates are available in the fall and spring. Minimum group size is 15. Please contact us for more information.
We also offer Youth and Family trips to Appalachia

Per-Participant Fees

Adult/Youth $350 per person (plus building materials contribution; see below)
  $370 per person for housing at AB University and Fairmont State University (plus building materials contribution; see below)


Fees include:

Cost does not include arrangements for travel to and from missions site. Youth and Adult teams are required to provide an additional building materials fee.

Construction projects are based on your team's ability:


Construction Fees

Group Size Construction Contribution
2-4 $350
5-7 $650
8-15 $1,250
16-25 $1,850
26-34 $2,350
35-45 $2,850
46-60 $3,550
61-100 $5,050









Where Most Needed
in the U.S.

Other $ 




Helping make a future home, a better life

Demonstrating the gospel in Appalachia