Transforming Communities

The needs of children and youth in the U.S. are so great, no single organization can begin to address them. But working together with other child-focused organizations, we can make a deeper difference.

World Vision's success is tied to our partners' effectiveness in helping young people develop. Our capacity-building work includes training for organizations on such topics as youth-adult partnerships, youth advocacy, academic mentoring, and leadership development.

These trainings, along with our technical assistance and coaching, maximize the impact of our partner organizations.

Our work to build capacity includes the Targeting Hope initiative. These powerful, one-day learning events cover topics like understanding youth and child well-being, and keeping children safe. Targeting Hope encourages and strengthens community organizations and individuals working together on behalf of children and youth.

Helping community organizations help youth

Like many local nonprofit organizations that serve children, Operation Exodus' plans exceeded its capacity to accomplish them. The mentoring and tutoring program helps families in Washington Heights, a neighborhood in New York City where nearly a third of the population lives at or below the poverty line.

World Vision provides organizations like Operation Exodus with extensive training in youth development, advocacy, education, and child protection.   Read more...

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