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Building and strengthening the capacity of local organizations committed to working together toward the well-being of children and youth in our communities.

Meeting Essential Needs

World Vision works to fill basic needs that many Americans take for granted, providing families in need with essentials such as personal hygiene products, household cleaning items, clothing, and school supplies. When families don't have to spend money on these basics, their limited budgets can be used for other essentials such as food, rent, and utilities.

Children without access to life's basics often suffer from lower self-esteem, which can fuel behavioral and emotional problems. World Vision works to prevent these outcomes, providing children with the basics they need to reach their God-given potential.

Providing Vital Resources

Essential needs - Life's basics such as clothing, hygiene items, and household goods help families facing poverty make ends meet. World Vision provides these goods to our member organizations, which distribute them to families in need.

Organization supplies - World Vision's member organizations have access to a wide variety of office, cleaning, and other supplies for their own use. This allows an organization to use more of its funds for direct service to help ensure the well-being of children and their families.

Building materials - Costly resources such as doors, windows, flooring, and paint can help create and renovate safe, affordable housing in distressed neighborhoods. For a low handling fee, World Vision distributes building materials to member organizations, which in turn provide the goods to families in need. Please note that we cannot make these building materials available to landlords and contractors.

Disaster supplies - World Vision provides critical resources for distribution following disasters in U.S. communities. These products are drawn from existing resources or pre-positioned in locations susceptible to disaster.

How We Work

Manufacturers and corporate donors supply World Vision with top-quality products, such as hygiene and household essentials, school and office supplies, clothing, health care and medical items, and building materials—all aimed at improving the quality of life for families battling poverty. These items are organized and managed in World Vision's sites across the United States.

World Vision supplies these goods to local churches, shelters, schools, clinics, and other organizations that serve children and families. These service organizations ensure the goods are given to families in greatest need.

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