World Vision Membership

Join a movement committed to the well-being of children and youth in the United States by becoming a World Vision member! Membership is an opportunity to network, receive World Vision resources, and share information with individuals, organizations, schools, and institutions that are committed to transforming communities to improve the lives of children and youth.

Cost of membership: FREE!

For qualifying organizations, Storehouse subscriptions are available. An annual fee applies. Learn more...

How to become an organizational member:*

  1. Your organization submits an online membership application for your location below.
  2. Your organization submits one of the following documents to verify nonprofit status:
    • 501(c)3 determination letter; church bylaws; letter from denominational main office; articles of incorporation; Form 1023; state registration or charter; and your political subdivision's (city, county, etc.) charter.
  3. Your application is reviewed by World Vision.
  4. You are notified regarding your application status.
  5. Your organization submits additional documentation needed for subscription or affiliation, along with any related fees.
  6. Your organization attends orientation that includes:
    • A Commitment to the Well-Being of Children and Youth: Protection Policies
    • Gifts-in-Kind (Product Resources) End-Use and Reporting
  7. Your organization begins accessing World Vision's resources!


Teacher Resource Center

*Organizational membership is currently available only in these locations: Appalachia, Chicago, Greater New York, North Texas and Pacific Northwest. Individual membership options are in development.


Click the appropriate button by location and organization type to begin the membership application process:


Chicago & Chicagoland

Greater New York

Hartford, Connecticut

North Texas

Pacific Northwest

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Here are just some of the programs that you will have access to as a World Vision member:

Storehouse Subscription

For qualifying organizations, the $300 annual Storehouse subscription allows organizations to access free products to support their mission.   Learn more...

Teacher Resource Center

Teachers serving at schools in low-income neighborhoods are invited to visit World Vision to stock up on learning tools like binders, pencils, crayons, and glue sticks.   Learn more...








The Storehouse
  • A monthly newsletter with both local and national relevance — information, events, articles, and stories
    of great work happening around the country.
  • Access to Storehouse Gifts-in-Kind (GIK) subscriptions.*
  • Access to local World Vision trainings, where available.
  • Discounts and subsidized prices for events, publications, and other select resources.
  • Access to future online resources, including a Community Youth Development web-based network.
  • Opportunities to work strategically with other community organizations toward the well-being of children.
  • The ability to advocate with others on behalf of community concerns related to children and youth.

*Gifts-in-Kind product subscriptions are available only to qualified nonprofit organizations. These organizations — churches, private schools, and other youth-serving groups located in areas where World Vision operates distribution centers — can access a Storehouse Gifts-in-Kind subscription for $300 a year. Partners will have access to new, essential items and supplies, such as clothing, personal hygiene items, and household goods.