KidREACH Network

What is KidREACH?


KidREACH is a free afterschool program focused on improving educational outcomes for children through a one-on-one mentoring relationship. In KidREACH, we REACH kids through Relating, Educating, And Communicating Hope.

For over 20 years, KidREACH participants have continued to show improvement in many areas, including:

Program sites generally meet once a week and are supervised by a site coordinator. All volunteers are screened and trained.

World Vision works in partnership with program sites to provide training, coaching, program supplies, and membership to a growing network of churches and organizations dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable children and youth.

Where is KidREACH?

At this time, KidREACH program sites are offered in greater Seattle/Tacoma, Washington, and in Appalachia in West Virginia. World Vision is currently developing a virtual program model that will expand KidREACH opportunities across the United States. This new model will officially launch in August 2014 and be known as the KidREACH Network.

How can my church or organization partner with World Vision to become a KidREACH program site?

If you are located in the area of Seattle/Tacoma or Philippi, West Virginia, and would like to speak with a World Vision representative about starting up a KidREACH site, please contact Ms. Stevie Olver at 253.815.2106 or


If you are located elsewhere and are interested in KidREACH, you can:

  1. Go online to and purchase "Empowered for Success: A Manual for Afterschool Mentoring Programs" for $40. The manual will walk your church or organization through the steps to launch a successful afterschool program.
  2. Apply to participate in the KidREACH Network, which will launch in August 2014. World Vision will release more information about the KidREACH Network in early 2014.








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