Free school supplies help students continue to learn during summer months

Story by Somer Hanson / Photos by Michelle Oliver

In Jenny Holland's fourth-grade classroom at Hazel Valley Elementary School in Burien, Washington, many students ask to take school supplies home.

A fourth-grade student at Hazel Valley Elementary School smiles with her Yoobi pencil case.


"A lot of these students don't have these supplies available to them at home; the school is the only place they [can] use them," Holland explains.

But on June 10, thanks to a partnership between World Vision's U.S. Programs and Yoobi, a school supply brand, students in two classes received free school supply kits. This partnership helps children in low-income schools, like Eddie, age 10, learn and succeed by providing them with free school essentials.

"I need pencils to do my homework," says Eddie.

World Vision provides Hazel Valley and other partner Highline School District schools with books and school supplies in support of the district's upcoming summer programs. End-of-the-year school supplies also encourage students to continue to practice the skills they learned throughout the year.

Jim Peterson, World Vision's volunteer coordinator for U.S. Programs, distributes school supply kits.

Jim Peterson, World Vision's volunteer coordinator for U.S. Programs, distributed the kits to the classrooms and offered words of encouragement to the students as they neared the last day of school.

"We can't thank the partnership enough [for providing] students with materials and resources they need to support their instruction all summer long," says Casey Jeannot, principal at Hazel Valley.

Once the students in Kayce Love's fourth-grade class received their kits, they went right to work creating Father's Day cards.

"You can color, you can erase, you can sharpen your pencils and you can stick stuff together," says Anaiis, age 10. "I’m going to use everything. I want to be an artist and a teacher when I grow up."

Mrs. Kayce Love's fourth-grade class shows their excitement for their new school supplies.

Anaiis says her family will go camping during the summer break, and she plans to take her coloring books and Yoobi pack with her.

Ten-year-old Melody elaborated on Yoobi's slogan of: "one for you, one for me."

"I think Yoobi is a really good company because their saying on all the boxes, 'one for you, one for me,' means sharing is nice," she says.

Thankfully, with every student receiving their own Yoobi kit, they're able to enjoy using school supplies that belong just to them.

Anuradha, age 9, agrees: "I like Yoobi because you get to have your own stuff, and you have so many things to use to draw."

Eddie and his best friend Justin, both 10, plan to use their new school supplies over the summer.

How can you help?

Yo can help deliver books, notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, educational games, and more. Thanks to corporate donations, your gift will be worth 12 times its face value.