Disaster Response

In a moment of calm—after the home has stopped shaking, after the last ember has been doused—family members look at each other and ask, "What are we going to do now?"

Disasters affect families regardless of income, but the impact is greatest on those with the least means to recover. Our domestic disaster response program draws on World Vision's decades of experience in responding to global disasters to prepare for disasters, develop emergency networks, mobilize resources, and deliver relief.

World Vision makes connections between those who can help and those who are in need. We focus on the well-being of children and youth during times of crisis. We help ensure that young people are protected, that suffering is relieved, and that communities are supported as they recover and rebuild.

Through our Building Materials program, we offer new doors, windows, flooring, paint, and other items to families who would rebuild or improve their homes, if only they could afford the cost of materials.

Relief to Superstorm Sandy Survivors

In the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, floodwaters from Superstorm Sandy filled Rodrigo and Carmen's basement apartment. Most of their family's possessions and food were destroyed in the late October 2012 storm.

The youngest son, 5-year-old Junior, sobbed when he learned that his book bag, school work, and the family's laptop computer were gone.   Read more...

Disaster Response Infographic

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