Disaster Response and Disaster Relief

World Vision is known internationally as an organization able to meet unexpected and often overwhelming needs in times of natural and man-made disaster. We leverage our global experience to effectively respond to crises here at home. World Vision's Domestic Disaster Response Program prepares for and responds to disasters in the United States. We plan for disasters, develop emergency networks, train communities to respond, solicit donated essential items for rapid deployment, and support our network of churches and strategic partners as they respond to critical needs. We also offer cash grants to meet special needs in the wake of a disaster.

Our Role

In times of crisis, families and communities turn to familiar and local organizations for help. World Vision serves as a key partner during disasters. We convene, coordinate, and support the efforts of local community and faith-based organizations, equipping them to effectively respond. Our ongoing presence in several U.S. regions, including North Texas, provides a solid foundation for launching and sustaining longer-term restoration efforts.

Full stomachs, grateful hearts

"All my food in the refrigerator was gone. I had to throw everything out. It was bad—everything. (Getting World Vision's family food kits for her grandchildren will) help them. They won't have to say, 'Mama, I'm hungry tonight.' They'll enjoy, they'll eat, and they'll go to bed full. Yes, they'll be full tonight."

— Barbara Scott, of Gretna, Louisiana, after Hurricane Isaac struck the Gulf Coast in late August 2012