World Vision provides cold weather supplies as latest storm cuts power in the region again

Photos and videos by Laura Reinhardt

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Long lines at one of our distributions at Far Rockaway

Cita English, 12, lives in Far Rockaway, NY. She's holding a WV hygiene kit filled with items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and conditioner.

World Vision is assessing needs and focusing on providing immediate cold weather supplies to storm survivors struggling to stay warm after a nor'easter brought wind, rain, and snow to the already-distressed region.

More than 400,000 homes and businesses in the Northeast were without power Friday afternoon. The storm knocked out electricity to many in New York and New Jersey who just had their power restored after Superstorm Sandy. A shortage of gasoline has led to rationing in New York City.

Our response

World Vision deployed two teams to assess the needs in New York neighborhoods hit hard by Wednesday night's nor'easter, concentrating on Far Rockaway and Coney Island. We are sending blankets, hygiene kits, family food kits, and other supplies and connecting those in need with already-identified church partners in the area.

World Vision also is contacting partners in Hoboken, New Jersey, and Staten Island, New York, to see what new needs may have resulted. Before the latest storm, we distributed blankets, winter clothing, and emergency food supplies to Far Rockaway, Yonkers, and the Bronx in New York, as well as to Hoboken.

Working with new and existing partners, our top priority is protecting families, children, and senior citizens at immediate risk from the cold weather.

Pumping water out of buildings continues...

Reed Slattery, manager of World Vision's Pacific Northwest field site, hands out family food kits as volunteer Demetra Howard (in blue hat) assists.

"It is a race against the clock. People are freezing, children are getting sick, and families need cold weather supplies right away," said Phyllis Freeman, World Vision's domestic disaster response director. "Our relief teams are moving as fast as we can."

World Vision has ordered an additional 9,000 blankets.

Relief supplies are being trucked in from World Vision's domestic disaster response headquarters in North Texas and international distribution centers in Denver and Pittsburgh.

Meanwhile, our teams will continue assessments in other areas of New York, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

In Appalachia, heavy snow has limited mobility and knocked out power in places. From our warehouse in Philippi, West Virginia, food kits, water, and blankets are being distributed in several communities by World Vision staff.

Long lines at one of our distributions at Far Rockaway

Survivors of Superstorm Sandy line up in a parking lot in Far Rockaway, New York, to receive relief supplies from World Vision.

Planning for long-term recovery efforts

World Vision anticipates that its relief and recovery operations in devastated communities will continue for up to three years and is preparing a long-term disaster response targeting families that need assistance rebuilding their homes.

As the response progresses beyond the emergency phase, World Vision will supply building products such as insulation, siding, and roofing materials to repair homes and community buildings.

Freeman said that beyond immediate relief needs, World Vision can also assist with the provision of backpacks and school supplies for children to return to class. She added that World Vision could even provide toys for Christmas, due to the generosity of our corporate donors.

"Many suffering families will not be able to afford Christmas [gifts] now," she said.

In 2011, World Vision responded to six disasters in the United States benefiting nearly 40,000 people. In 2005, World Vision responded to Hurricane Katrina by opening a temporary 40,000-square-foot distribution center in New Orleans where $8.2 million in goods was distributed to more than 318,000 survivors.


Damage from Superstorm Sandy...

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Our response team in New York sent in these videos...

Team WV members unloading relief supplies

Heavy rain and strong winds continue to pound New York City

World Vision's Bronx Office Flooding

Water pump from World Vision's NY Bronx office

Winds starting to gust in the Bronx, New York

Strong winds from Hurricane Sandy in the Bronx, New York

Hurricane Sandy wind gusts start to pick up in the Bronx, New York


Deploying Supplies to disaster survivors

How Can You Help Now?

Pray for children, families, and communities affected by the recent hurricane. Pray that the damage would be minimal and that those impacted by the storm would find the help they require.

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