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Frequently asked questions about Child Champions:

What is the Child Champions program, in a nutshell?

Child Champions is World Vision's new program to extend our work helping vulnerable children in the U.S., while offering supporters the opportunity to engage with American families in need. A Child Champion is a monthly donor who helps provide long-term resources for lasting change in the U.S., where 46 million Americans live in poverty and one in five children is impoverished. Research shows that children and youth in poverty are more likely to underachieve in school, experience health and behavioral problems, and remain in poverty for another generation.

Do Child Champions sponsor children?

No. The program doesn't focus on a one-on-one relationship between a donor and a specific child, but a one-to-many relationship between a donor and a group of children in specific places. Child Champions may get updates and follow the stories of a group of children living in places in the U.S. that are most relevant to the donor, such as where the donor lives or grew up.

Why should I be interested in Child Champions?

If you or your organization have a mission to help alleviate poverty or improve child well-being in the U.S., then Child Champions makes it easy to "walk the talk." By inviting your staff or congregation into this program, you are making a statement and having a visible impact.

How will I see the impact I am making?

Child Champions will be able to access our Child Champions' Facebook page, where they can read stories, see photos, follow different Program Partners (the faith- and community-based organizations and schools that join World Vision in serving children and families), get updates, and learn about volunteer opportunities. They will also receive updates on their impact through the Child Champions website and a quarterly newsletter.

How will my funds be used?

Your monthly pledge will help support World Vision's work in the U.S. to:

  • Provide much-needed school supplies to teachers and students in low-income neighborhoods
  • Provide essential items such as clothing, personal hygiene supplies, household cleaning products, and building materials for vulnerable families
  • Respond to disasters with relief and recovery efforts
  • Train community organizations to tutor and empower young people who have the potential to learn and lead but lack opportunities to do so
  • Provide grants—called "scholarships of hope"—to partner organizations and educators with specific projects to help children
Who provides the updates and stories on the groups of kids that Child Champions can follow?

Program Partners—the faith- and community-based organizations that join World Vision in serving children and families—will provide that information, as will World Vision staff and the young people served.

Why would I choose World Vision?

We distinguish ourselves from others in the field by our targeted approach to sustain the well-being of children and families, especially the most vulnerable.

Our model draws on World Vision's 60 years of global experience and:

  • Emphasizes the participation of young people
  • Equips our local staff with the knowledge and tools to work effectively with our local partner organizations
  • Combines national breadth and local focus

Since 1981, we have leveraged our worldwide experience and expertise to help children living in poverty in the U.S. We are Rebuilding Hope at Home by using the same methodology in our U.S. work as we do internationally, in the belief that children here and everywhere should:

  • Enjoy good health
  • Be educated for life
  • Be cared for and protected
  • Experience the love of God and neighbors

We will to extend our work helping children by leveraging the reach of the 2,000 affiliated organizations with whom we already partner. Not many organizations can boast such a broad scope—and we're thrilled to have developed this effective and expansive reach across the U.S.

How do we work together in the Child Champions program?

Each community organization has varying resources and needs. We'll work with organizations to tap into their resources and meet their needs for this partnership. For more information, visit our website or contact us at and 1.866.982.4267 (866.WVCHAMP).

How does someone sign up to become a Child Champion?

They can either visit our website or call 1.866.982.4267 (866.WVCHAMP).

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