Frequently asked questions about sharing Child Champions with others:

What are Child Champions?

Child Champions are people who contribute their time, talent, and treasure to help children in need here at home — and who refuse to let children face the injustice of poverty and despair.

Why the need for Child Champions here in the United States?

According to a 2010 UNICEF report, the U.S. ranks near the bottom of the world's industrialized countries in terms of how well impoverished children are cared for in the critical areas of health, education, and material well-being:

  • More than 46 million Americans live in poverty, which is more than at any time since the 1950s.
  • One in five American children is impoverished.
  • Nearly 17 million American children don't have enough food each day.
  • Job losses, health emergencies, a rent increase — anything and everything can overwhelm families already on the economic edge.
  • Years of research show that children and youth in poverty are more likely to underachieve in school, experience health and behavioral problems, and remain in poverty for another generation.
  • Impoverished children have unmet basic needs, causing a sense of hopelessness that negatively impacts all of life.
How does the program work?

Child Champions make a $35 gift each month. World Vision pools these funds and works alongside partners — churches and community organizations, corporations, and nonprofits — to provide:

  • Academic enrichment programs and scholarships
  • School supplies
  • Clothing, personal hygiene supplies, household cleaning products, and building materials
  • Disaster response
  • Community organizing

Child Champions may also stay informed on the work they are helping to support by reading stories, viewing photos and videos posted on Child Champion Facebook pages and quarterly newsletters – and by volunteering and seeing the impact first-hand.

How can I encourage others to become Child Champions?

You can spread the word about Child Champions by hosting any of the following events:

What resources are available?

The following resources are available to help you host a successful event:

  • Starter Guide
  • Invite
  • E-vite
  • Letterhead
  • Poster
  • Table Topper
  • Promotional Video
  • PowerPoint Presentation (with suggested content)
  • Letter to Pastor/Employer
  • Bulletin

These materials are accessible by choosing a type of venue after clicking the "Ways to Share" link in the upper-left column.

What are the steps to host a Child Champions event?

There are five simple steps to hosting a Child Champions event:

Step 1: Get started

  • Decide on the type of event you will host
  • If necessary, seek the support of senior leadership
  • Review and order resources

Step 2: Get organized

  • Set the date and location of your event
  • Gather and prepare a team of helpers
  • Plan event details

Step 3: Build excitement

  • Send out announcements

Step 4: Host event

  • Setup
  • Presentation
  • Sign up Child Champions

Step 5: Wrap up

  • Thank participants
  • Mail in completed Child Champions envelopes
  • Celebrate

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