The Power of Diapers to Connect the Dots
By Romanita Hairston     May 24th, 2016
It was 3 a.m., and I sat straight up in bed awakened by a cry. It was my son, my only child at the time. I went into the room to get him. I knew the sound of agitation in his cry. In fact, I am still astonished at how much nuance there is in a cry. As I went to put him back down to sleep, I checked his diaper as I typically did to ensure he was also clean and dry. His diaper definitely needed changing! This is a normal experience we imagine almost every new mom and/or dad has.

I've been surprised over the years in my work at how many things that seem so common are actually complex for vulnerable families and children. I was heartbroken to learn a few years ago how a simple diaper change is complex for some parents. I grieve in some ways the loss of this simple and straightforward moment of comfort for some parents with their children.

There are over 46 million people living in poverty in the U.S. according to the U.S. census. This is 1 in every 7 person in our country, around 15 pe...
Fighting Consumerism with Generosity
By Romanita Hairston     May 10th, 2016
Several years ago, I was on a site visit of World Vision's work in D.C. We visited one of the hardest hit wards, ward 8, to see a summer school program. The students and the teachers were quite impressive. They were doing fascinating things with science curriculum that gave students very practical hands-on experience. This experience would aid summer learning and combat summer learning loss.

Additionally, students were receiving vocational training and summer funding that was a wonderful alternative to other avenues for income. The school had a certain energy about learning and achievement that was very attractive. It was run by a pillar of the community. It didn't take much conversation to realize she was more than a pillar, she was a veteran. Mrs. Robinson was fighting for the education of children and youth in one of D.C.'s most difficult spots. I was there to learn about the challenges and see how a partnership between World Vision and the summer program was changing children's l...


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