Basic Needs for Families

When families are struggling to put food on the table and pay the utility bill, they don't have money for new shoes for their children or even everyday products like soap. They make do. But at some point, everything starts to unravel.

Our Essential Supplies program meets the basic needs of families living on the economic edge. We partner with local churches and other community organizations that serve people who are hungry, homeless, addicted, unemployed, or hit by disaster.

We provide our partners with top-quality donated items, including new clothing, personal hygiene items, and household cleaning products that they otherwise could not afford to buy. In turn, our partners see that the goods get to children and families with the greatest need.

Helping Families to Rebuild Hope...

When Beth left her abusive husband, taking her three young children with her, they were homeless in Philippi, West Virginia. Thankfully, the heartbroken family received support from local churches and World Vision to begin a new life.

Right away, they received a care package of personal care items such as soap, shampoo, and deodorant from the ministerial association, items provided through World Vision's Essential Supplies program.

Later, they moved to a trailer home with World Vision providing a dryer and household items not covered by food stamps.

Today, Beth is rebuilding a home for her family—and with practical help from World Vision, she is rebuilding hope.

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