Home repairs underway for flooded Texas homes as World Vision sends aid Volunteers have started repairs on homes damaged by last month's flooding in Central Texas, helped by building materials from World Vision. The organization recently shipped materials to Blanco, where the repair projects will begin. Tornado survivors in Van also will be helped.


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Partners, volunteers help Texas teachers feel loved during Appreciation Week World Vision collected gift bag items, small office supplies, and office furniture from corporate donors. Volunteers assembled gift bags for North Texas teachers. Everything was distributed during Teacher Appreciation Week to grateful educators in the Dallas area.

Serving as intern for World Vision in NY is 'not just...an everyday job' Nestor Velez says his experience as an intern at World Vision's Greater New York field site was life-changing: "The icing on the cake is that you're not just working here for some company; you're working for all of those kids and families that are in need."

Bronx second-graders receive and give back to New York community A teacher from P.S. 1, also known as The Courtlandt School, brought 18 students to World Vision's Greater New York warehouse to pick up school supplies. After the shopping concluded, the second-graders participated in a volunteer project to help other students.


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Our Impact on Poverty in America

When you consider factors in child well-being, diapers might not readily pop into mind. But for low-income families, having enough diapers is especially critical.

World Vision partners with the Weyerhaeuser Company and its annual Operation Diaper Drive to distribute diapers through other partners to parents in need. We work to give children and families the help they need to achieve life in all its fullness, so that we can make an impact on poverty in the communities where we serve. Learn more about the impact of diapers.

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World Vision and our partners continue to positively impact the lives of children and families in the U.S. Be inspired by these stories—and then submit a story of your own.

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Rebuilding Hope at Home

World Vision's U.S. Programs is committed to the well-being of children and youth here at home.

We work to create environments where all children and youth are healthy and thriving, cared for and protected, and making a positive contribution to their communities. We focus our work in some of the nation's most distressed and underserved communities, where poverty is high and opportunities are limited. We also serve in many places where disaster strikes. Learn more about World Vision U.S. Programs.

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